Risk Management Application (RMA)

Prior to participation with any Washington Youth Soccer sanctioned events and activities including but not limited to practices, league games, tournaments and State Cups.

Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) and its affiliated member Associations and Clubs are required to annually, have all adult and minor* organizational members complete SafeSport, Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest certification and obtain an approved national background check through Washington Youth Soccer’s registration platform (Sports Connect).

Organizational members include but not limited to:

  • Non-Certified referees who are minors*
  • Minors that are in a position of leadership or authority over other minors*
  • Any adult that approves or appoints individuals to have regular contact or authority over Minor Athletes
  • Volunteers
  • Board of Directors
  • Coaches
  • Contractors
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Employees/Staff
  • Administrators

Please contact Dan Rubin at if you require assistance or have further questions.

*Minor organizational members please contact club registrars for additional information

**Please note: USSF Certified referees complete the process through Washington State Referees Committee.

About Risk Management:

Washington Youth Soccer’s Risk Management program is in place to identify and assess potential risks for our soccer community and to then monitor and minimize the probability and/or impact those risks could pose. Managing risk ranges from making sure all players wear shin guards to providing background checks for all of our volunteers, coaches and staff. Our Risk Management Program includes the SafeSport Act of 2017 mandated by U.S. Soccer in 2019 and US Youth Soccer Kids Safe Program which provides guidelines for creating the safest possible environment for our participants.

The objectives of the risk management program are:

To review and recommend policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our participants
To establish secure records and maintain the background check information for coaches, administrators, Board of Directors, volunteers, employees, staff and others who are entrusted with the supervision and care of players and participants
To provide policy recommendations and education for Washington Youth Soccer Member Associations to minimize liabilities and other manageable risks
Please contact Dan Rubin at  if you have further questions or require assistance.

DARM Report:

The Disciplinary Action and Risk Management Report (DARM) is published monthly by US Youth Soccer. DARM reports are an effective and efficient tool for all membership, to assist all in defining and communicating expected behavior under the RMA program. Washington Youth Soccer is diligent in their fiduciary responsibilities to help evade the threats of harm to its participants. All information provided includes only discipline of three months or more or termination of membership or ban on membership.

If you have additional question about the DARM report please contact Dan Rubin at