The Directors Pass (the “pass” hereinafter) is eligible to be used in the Regional Club League. Check with your league to see if they will be participating. Teams must adhere to the rules of the Competition Authority (participating leagues). As a general guideline, Washington Youth Soccer will authorize the pass based on the number of teams per club as outlined below:

1-40 teams = up to 2 Directors Passes
41-80 teams = up to 3 Directors Passes
81+ teams = up to 6 Directors Passes

Directors will be required to have the pass whenever they are on the sidelines (technical area) of any team in their purview. The pass is not transferrable.

The pass will be issued through the Washington Youth Soccer main office. Be prepared to upload a 1 inch x 1 inch headshot photo (do not mail a photo like last year) when submitting the online application. The photo must be a recent photo, in color, with a full front view of the face. Hats and sunglasses are not allowed. Photos must be in .JPEG, JPG, .PNG, or .BMP format. There is no fee associated with the Directors Pass.

The pass will be mailed directly to the Director at the address they provide on the online form. Directors passes are season specific and must be applied for annually. The SOC and RCS will work together updating the operating documents for the Directors pass.

The pass should NOT be considered a requirement for all clubs to utilize. It is an option that should be implemented with caution in accordance with the Credentials section of the State Cup rules and specifically, section IV.(D): “No more than four (4) bench personnel per team will be allowed on the designated team.” The Director of Coaching need NOT be named to the roster of every team within the club, but he or she would be included in the count of the 4 personnel on the team bench.

Unless otherwise determined, any ejections or suspensions deriving from poor sideline behavior will be served with the team in which the ejection was issued. The pass, and the flexibility that comes with it, can be revoked if abuse is found and the continuance of the pass will then be re-evaluated.